Smart Interactive Board Cost

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Smart Interactive Board Cost

In today's dynamic business landscape, companies must continually adapt to shifting demands. Stay ahead of the curve by harnessing the power of DeltaView interactive displays and software. These versatile tools empower teams to collaborate seamlessly, elevate meetings, facilitate remote work, and enhance training initiatives with ease. Investing in Smart Interactive Board Cost provides a strategic advantage in today's competitive market, enabling businesses to embrace innovation and drive success in the digital era. With DeltaView, companies can navigate the complexities of modern business with confidence and efficiency.

Smart Interactive Board Cost

Latest Processor Powered with Android 13

The Monster T982 Chipset with Combination of Quad Core Processor Makes DeltaView Spark As A Very Powerful Machine To Efficiently Run Softwares & Give Seamless User Experience on Android 13.

Design and Body Material

Manufactured with High Quality Recycle Raw Material Making This As A Eco-Friendly Protection.

Discover the endless possibilities of integrating Smart Board Interactive displays to revolutionize your goals.

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Display Technology and Quality

DeltaView Spark Has The Latest IPS Display Technology Giving A Crystal Clear 4K Experience.

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Crisp & Clear Sound Quality

With 2 Giant Sound Bar 20w Each.

Bright & Anti Glare Screen - 400 Nits


Ease Of Use Ports Available


Environment Friendly

Inbuilt Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

4k UHD

DeltaView® Canvas


Available Size's

DeltaView Spark 65″

DeltaView Spark 65″ | DV65S13

65" | DV65S13

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DeltaView Spark 75″

DeltaView Spark 75″ | DV75S13

75" | DV75S13

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DeltaView Spark 86″

DeltaView Spark 86″ | DV86S13

86" | DV86S13

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The smart interactive board costs based on features, models, customization options, warranty, and market demand.

Yes, DeltaView Spark and DeltaView Blaze are the two models of DeltaView IFPs. The DeltaView Spark model is designed for education, and the DeltaView Blaze model is for enterprise. The Blaze model is in a higher price range compared to the DeltaView Spark.

Customers can customize their interactive boards with specific sizes, features, and accessories. They also have options for warranty, support, and bulk orders.

Installation services for smart interactive boards may vary based on package offerings, customer preferences, geographical location, complexity, and specific requirements.

Online payment options are available on the website, and customers can choose their respective bank and avail of offers as per their bank while making the payment.

Consider the features, quality, customization options, warranty, installation, bulk purchase discounts, customer reviews, and total cost of ownership when evaluating the cost of a smart interactive board.

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