DeltaView Canvas

Unleash Your Imagination, Illuminate Your Ideas. Where Every Stroke Tells a Story, and Your Thoughts Take Center Stage!

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Infinite canvas

Share your thoughts limitlessly on the infinite canvas. Organize with pagination for easy collaboration and creative expansion without restrictions

Options of edit tools

Produce meeting minutes, brainstorming, and flowcharts effortlessly with DeltaView Canvas. Explore various tools, including pens, inks, sticky notes, and design options.

Object recognition

The thin pen tip functions like a pen, fingers control canvas movements and the palm serves as an eraser.

Insert images easily

Easily add images from the display folder or upload them from your USB drive to enhance your content visually.

Annotate anywhere you want to

Annotate any screen content be it a browser, app or document. Capture and save fresh notes along with screenshots.

QR Code Exporting

Ditch paper handouts and photos. Capture meeting content in images or PDFs. Share wirelessly with other devices using QR codes.

Drive Access Unleashed Everywhere

Quickly scan the QR code, log into Google Drive in seconds. Easily access and add images to your Canvas notes.

Available Size's

DeltaView Spark 65″

DeltaView Spark 65″ | DV65S13

65" | DV65S13

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DeltaView Spark 75″

DeltaView Spark 75″ | DV75S13

75" | DV75S13

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DeltaView Spark 86″

DeltaView Spark 86″ | DV86S13

86" | DV86S13

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