Why DeltaView Canvas is the Best Smart Board Software for Educators

June 19, 2024

The tools educators use in today’s dynamic educational landscape significantly impact student engagement and learning outcomes. One of the most innovative and effective tools available is DeltaView Canvas, a smart board software  that revolutionizes the teaching and learning experience. Here’s why it stands out as the best software for educators.

Unleash Your Imagination, Illuminate Your Ideas

Canvas is more than smart software; it’s a creative hub where educators can bring their ideas to life. The platform’s “Unleash Your Imagination, Illuminate Your Ideas” tagline perfectly captures its essence. With Canvas, every stroke tells a story, and educators have the tools to ensure their thoughts take center stage.

Infinite Canvas: Boundless Creativity

One of the most compelling features of this software is its infinite canvas. Unlike traditional whiteboards and smart board projector that limit you to a finite amount of space, we allow you to share your thoughts limitlessly. This feature benefits brainstorming sessions, mind mapping, and detailed lesson planning. Educators can organize their content with pagination, making collaboration easy and facilitating creative expansion without any restrictions.

Versatile Editing Tools

We provide a suite of editing tools designed to meet the diverse needs of educators. Whether you’re producing meeting minutes, creating brainstorming diagrams, or designing flowcharts, the software includes a variety of tools, including pens, inks, stickers, and design options. Smart board software enable educators to present their material in engaging and visually appealing ways, enhancing student comprehension and retention.

Advanced Object Recognition

The advanced object recognition feature is a game-changer for educators. The smart board software intelligently differentiates between the pen tip, fingers, and palm. The thin pen tip functions like a traditional pen for precise writing, fingers control movements for easy navigation, and the palm is an eraser for quick corrections. This intuitive interaction model makes the teaching process smoother and more efficient, allowing educators to focus on delivering their lessons rather than struggling with technology.

Easy Image Insertion

Visual aids are crucial to effective teaching. Using images makes it incredibly easy to enhance content. Educators can add images from the display folder or upload them directly from a USB drive. This functionality supports the inclusion of visual elements in lessons, which can help clarify complex concepts and keep students engaged.

Annotate Anywhere

One of its most notable features is the ability to annotate anywhere. You can annotate directly on the screen whether you’re presenting a web browser, an application, or a document. This flexibility allows educators to capture and save fresh notes and screenshots, making revisiting important points easier and ensuring that nothing is missed during the lesson.

QR Code Exporting

In the modern classroom, reducing paper usage and increasing digital efficiency are essential. We support Smart Board Software by allowing educators to capture meeting content in images or PDFs and share it wirelessly using QR codes. This feature eliminates the need for paper handouts and photos, streamlining the distribution of materials and ensuring students have easy access to the necessary resources.

Seamless Drive Access

We offer seamless integration with Google Drive, providing educators quick access to their files. By scanning a QR code, educators can log into Google Drive in seconds, enabling them to access and add images to their Canvas notes easily. This integration simplifies the workflow and ensures all necessary materials are readily available.

DeltaView is a powerful, versatile, intuitive smart board company that empowers educators to deliver engaging and effective lessons. Its infinite canvas, versatile editing tools, advanced object recognition, easy image insertion, annotation capabilities, QR code exporting, and seamless Google Drive access make it the ideal choice for modern classrooms. By choosing DeltaView Canvas, educators can unleash their imagination, illuminate their ideas, and provide their students with an exceptional learning experience.


Learn more about the DeltaView Smart Board for classroom at www.deltaview.in or email sales@deltaview.in.

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