DeltaView® Blaze

A Touch-Driven Journey to Success

Explore innovative methods to enhance workflow and elevate your workplace experience with our most powerful board.

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Turn your office into a collaborative hub!

Elevate your meetings with DeltaView Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs), designed to inspire free-flowing ideas. Seamless team collaboration becomes second nature, turning abstract creativity into actionable innovations—an essential for dynamic business environments.

Tools for accessibility and inclusivity

Control board from the devices

Simultaneous Screen Sharing

Cast your board to other screens

Collaborative Hub

Elevate enterprise collaboration through improved communication and teamwork, cultivating an environment that fosters efficiency and seamless project management for optimal productivity.

Flicker Free

Transform your workspace with DeltaView's flicker-free displays, where eye strain and dizziness become a thing of the past. Elevate the professional experience with seamless visuals that prioritize comfort and concentration in the enterprise environment.

DeltaView® Connect

Experience 4 Screen Shares at Once

Effortlessly connect and collaborate with the power of 4 simultaneous screen shares, enhancing productivity and communication for a seamless interactive experience.

Import. Edit. Share.

Streamline your enterprise workflow with seamless access, editing, and saving of cloud-based materials through the integrated Google Drive on the board.

Sticky Notes

Transform meeting dynamics with DeltaView's Interactive Panel, a leader in user-friendly annotation solutions. Immerse your team in collaborative efficiency with the Cloud Whiteboard feature, enabling employees to collect, categorize, edit, and seamlessly share notes between the IFP and their mobile devices or laptops, ensuring accessibility to crucial materials across all enterprise environments.

Transform Your Business Experience with the Google Way

Immerse your enterprise in an enriched Google experience with DeltaView—seamlessly access preferred education apps on our platform. Benefit from the added convenience of Google's Core Services preinstalled on the Blaze, creating a truly integrated learning environment for your team.

Google Play

Get access to your favorite education apps right on the DeltaView.

Core services

Google’s Core Services come preinstalled on the Blaze.

Collaboration tools

Use any of the Google Docs Editors to open lesson files directly from your board.

Preinstalled Google's Core Services

Open files effortlessly using the Google Docs Editors, directly accessible from your board. Download essential work apps straight from the Google Play Store


Anti-glare coating on the screen guarantees enhanced eye protection, actively combating the harmful effects of blue light for a shielded and comfortable visual experience.

Unlocking Inclusivity and Accessibility with AI Tools


Create written content searchable and accessible on Google.

Text Correction

Modify handwritten text into a clear, easily readable format.

Spot Light

Focus on crucial business concepts for clearer understanding.

Made for collaboration

It supports up to 40 touch points for simultaneous multi-user interaction.

Floating Pen

Enhance your business tasks with advanced precise tools for writing and illustrating.


Pick out important parts from pictures and PDFs with crop feature.

Available Size's

DeltaView Blaze 75″

DeltaView Blaze 75″ | DV75B13

75" | DV75B13

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DeltaView Blaze 86″

DeltaView Blaze 86″ | DV86B13

86" | DV86B13

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