Best Interactive Panel in India for Business

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Best Interactive Panel in India for Business

Our digital boards foster interactive learning, boosting student engagement and inclusivity. Easily control lessons and adapt on-the-fly using any personal device. DeltaView's cutting-edge features and user-friendly design revolutionize teaching methods. Whether managing lessons or making real-time adjustments, our smart interactive boards empower educators to transform their teaching approach. Say goodbye to traditional methods and embrace a dynamic way of teaching with the Best Interactive Panel in India for Business.

Best Interactive Panel in India for Business
Interactive Flat Panel in India

DeltaView Spark

DeltaView Spark, designed for the education sector, offers an infinite canvas for limitless sharing and organization through pagination. It includes various edit tools like pens, inks, sticky notes, and design options for creating meeting minutes, brainstorming sessions, and flowcharts. With object recognition, a thin pen tip functions like a pen, fingers control canvas movements, and the palm serves as an eraser. Easily add images from the display folder or a USB drive to enhance your content visually. Annotate any screen content and export via QR codes.

DeltaView Blaze

For business needs, DeltaView Blaze stands out by featuring seamless screen sharing from any device, ensuring dynamic interactions with minimum fuss. Enjoy the flexibility to control from the display or your own device, creating a dynamic and responsive environment. With a strong focus on security, privacy, and compliance, DeltaView Blaze interactive flat panel in India ensures your data is protected and your operations remain confidential. Combining these advanced features, our Interactive Panel transforms learning and collaboration, making it a smart choice for schools and businesses alike.

Interactive Flat Panel in India

Latest Processor Powered with Android 13

The Monster T982 Chipset with Combination of Quad Core Processor Makes DeltaView Spark As A Very Powerful Machine To Efficiently Run Softwares & Give Seamless User Experience on Android 13.

Design and Body Material

Manufactured with High Quality Recycle Raw Material Making This As A Eco-Friendly Protection.

Discover the endless possibilities of integrating Smart Board Interactive displays to revolutionize your goals.

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Display Technology and Quality

DeltaView Spark Has The Latest IPS Display Technology Giving A Crystal Clear 4K Experience.

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Crisp & Clear Sound Quality

With 2 Giant Sound Bar 20w Each.

Bright & Anti Glare Screen - 400 Nits


Ease Of Use Ports Available


Environment Friendly

Inbuilt Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

4k UHD

DeltaView® Canvas


Available Size's

DeltaView Spark 65″

DeltaView Spark 65″ | DV65S13

65" | DV65S13

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DeltaView Spark 75″

DeltaView Spark 75″ | DV75S13

75" | DV75S13

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DeltaView Spark 86″

DeltaView Spark 86″ | DV86S13

86" | DV86S13

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DeltaView distinguishes itself through its cutting-edge technology, extensive product range, customizable solutions, and dedication to meeting the diverse needs of customers across various industries.

Any apps that are compatible with Android are supported by our smart interactive board.

Yes, the best interactive panel in india for business supports various third-party educational applications.


Yes, you can connect the printer via USB port and Wi-Fi.

A support person will reach you within 24 hours of raising a support request.

Yes, we can do that through Teams for Business, Webx, Zoom, etc.

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